My mission is to personally work closely with as many people as possible throughout the globe and provide the blueprint, tools and coaching, to assist them in designing their own lifestyle of choice. Passive or “Residual” income is the most effective way to create freedom, your dream existence and to provide choices that will allow you to ultimately create your own “Lifestyle By Design."



    Even as a teenager, Greg had a passion for making more money without necessarily increasing the workload. While at high school, he had a job delivering papers to letterboxes in his local area at the rate of 5c per paper. This wasn’t a lot of money, but it was better than many of his friends were earning, and it did incorporate the values of the more you do, the more money you make.


    So what did he do? He also took on some pamphlet deliveries that paid 5c each. This meant that he could now make 10c per delivery, with no more work involved.


    His first real forte into entrepreneurship was in 2004, when he had taken a year off his long-term and secure, government job, to live in Melbourne and attempt to further his chances of becoming a “rockstar”. This didn’t work out as he had planned and a broken leg also ensured that his attempts to look at a different line of work were very much hindered. After 9 months, he made the tough decision that he would return to his job and life in Perth, even if it wasn’t what he really wanted to be doing.


    However, he wanted to look at a way that he could leave his job and work for himself. Having had a change in scenery and lifestyle, it had re-ignited his fire to work for himself and create the lifestyle he wanted. Greg looked into several forms of a “side business” and had always liked the idea of residual income, so that he could make money while still working his full-time job.


    He conducted a lot of thorough research and after loaning some money from his parents, bought 23 Candy Vending Machines, to place into businesses.


    The idea is to place them in high traffic areas, where they can be easily accessed by staff and customers. For 20c or $1 there was a choice of 4 different candies. Once placed, they were serviced on a monthly basis. He did this for around 2 years, working it alongside his full-time job. It made some great money and was sold for a tidy profit.


    The next few years were spent concentrating on his original band and utilising his abilities to manage all of the band’s activities, including bookings, marketing, promotion, contracts, production, recording and the writing and construction of material. Greg developed a lot of further skills, in what is a particularly brutal industry.
    Following the success of his first business venture several years prior, Greg made the decision to increase his knowledge of relating to people, team building, leadership and communication as much as possible, prior to pursuing his dreams and leaving his (so far), career job. He completed a Diploma of Business in 2009 and actively pursued roles that would provide him with experience and knowledge in gaining a better understanding of people, along with strategic and analytical skills, training, negotiation and further advance his operational management abilities.


    After being unhappy in his government job for so long, even though he had advanced and was making good money, it was truly a blessing when the Premier of WA announced that there would be offers of voluntary redundancies with the WA Public Sector. Greg immediately saw this as his opportunity to “get out” once and for all and to throw himself into the dream of being an entrepreneur and making things happen for himself.


    He spent an extensive period researching business opportunities and attended many expos and presentations, prior to walking away from his career in the Public Service, in December 2013. With Residual Income in mind, he turned his hand to becoming a Real Estate Investor in the USA.


    He received extensive training, coaching and mentoring in the skills, mindset, theory, techniques and qualities, in order to be successful in this area. He visited the USA on several occasions for conferences, personal coaching sessions and to locate and purchase properties. He has bought and sold several properties, along with those held long-term and is the Trustee, Director and President of several Companies, Corporations and LLC’s in both Australia and the United States, that enable him to effectively, efficiently and legally conduct business in this area.


    While still dabbling in the real estate market, he needed to increase his cash flow and looked at business opportunities to do so. The decline in the Australian dollar and late night work hours, left him seeking a further challenge during daylight hours and a further source of income.


    He again sought options that will allow Residual Income to be earned. He purchased a Jukebox and Party Hire Business, along with more Candy Vending Machines. Both being businesses that generate income when on site, there was essentially relatively little work involved at the front end, or so he thought. It soon became apparent that the Hire business required a lot of the behind the scenes work that accompanies all forms of traditional business. Both of these traditional businesses however, were becoming a drag and no longer enjoyable. More importantly, they were not getting him closer to his dream of Rock Star income and the income he was earning, was in no way matching his time and effort.


    At this point, he was at a loss as to his next move. He was not making great income and had very little capital to invest into another traditional business. Things were becoming very tough. What to do??


    Then one day his life changed. One of his friends approached him about a business opportunity in the Network Marketing arena. Being a successful entrepreneur entails being open to new ideas, so Greg decided to look further into the company and perform his own due diligence on all aspects of the industry and top companies. He has not looked back since. Residual Income AND products that everyone wants, this IS the future!


    While still having the Hire and Vending businesses and Real Estate investments, Greg’s main focus and passion soon become his network marketing business. He has an excellent understanding of Internet and Social Media Marketing from all of his previous experience and now has the ability to work on a global level. Working from home, bringing in money with no risk, stress or overheads is a lot more fun than competing with all the larger hire companies with massive marketing budgets, to hire out Jukeboxes and Slushy Machines on a weekend.
    He soon found that blending both Internet Marketing and Network Marketing together, was paramount to the ultimate collision of successful marketing formats, in his living room. It is the perfect Passive Income business model. Greg loves meeting people and helping those who are looking for more in life for themselves and their families, who have the drive and passion, to achieve their goals and ultimately change their lives. That is the most rewarding aspect for him, truly helping others to succeed.


    He has since sold the Juke Box and Party Hire and Candy Vending businesses after working hard on marketing to build up the customer bases and providing expert advice, training and operational business tools that he had personally developed. This enabled him to gain substantial profits on the sale of both businesses.


    Greg firmly believes, that if you put in the effort, you will be rewarded. On the other hand if you are lazy, non-creative, blasé and mediocre in your approach, you will always struggle in most aspects of life. A cold, hard truth, but realistic in definition.


    Home Business and in particular Network Marketing is BOOMING. The new economy has turbo charged the new age of business. People are no longer secure in their jobs, retail business is really struggling and many are shutting down. Real Estate has taken a dive, the share market isn’t stable and people’s retirement plans and dreams have taken a huge hit.

    People are now not only open to a new opportunity, they are actively seeking it out. Searching terms on Google for things like: Passive income, network marketing, MLM, make money from home, make money online etc., are happening every second of every day, all over the world.

    Entrepreneurs, sports stars and the wealthy, no longer want to invest into restaurants, nightclubs and bars. These businesses are no longer performing, there is too much capital to invest and now the risk is just far too great. So these people are investing their time into Network Marketing – low start up, low overheads, no risk and huge cash returns (as long as you have worked it for a period of time of course).

    Stay at home mothers are moving to Home Business in droves. CEO’s, employees, traditional business owners, it seems everyone is getting into it. The figures are supporting what he knows. 70,000 people worldwide are getting involved in their own Home Business every single day. 1 in 8 houses in Australia has a home business, this is 1 in 6 homes in the USA and 1 in 5 in Asia.

    People are now aware that passive income and the lifestyle that comes with it is possible, they see it on the news, they read about it, they attend seminars and Webinars. It’s just a matter of finding the right vehicle, with the right people.

    Technology has now made the world a much smaller place and the ability to run a successful global Home Business has sky rocketed because of this. People no longer want to sit in peak hour traffic, work for someone else, have their kids in childcare, work long hours, never see their family, or earn way below what they are worth. People are rising up with the new age of business and the new rich are being born.

    “Whatever you do in life, do it Rockstar style” and “Lifestyle by Design” are Greg’s motto's, and people agree.

    Working from home, choosing your own hours and making “Rock Star” residual income is seeing Greg live his dream lifestyle. Old school business is gone and “New Age Business” is in. Greg loves what he does, has a lot of fun with it, meets amazing like-minded people everyday, has choice, has freedom and spends a lot of his time helping people, just as he always dreamt of doing.

    He is The Rockstar Entrepreneur, Networker, Marketer, Mentor, Musician, Speaker, Trainer, Internet Marketer and designer of his own lifestyle. Greg is incredibly passionate about this industry, but this is not at all possible without choosing the RIGHT company within the industry, this is critically important.

    Dreams CAN come true.

    Greg also loves playing in his covers band and acoustic duo, guitars, writing and recording in his studio, travel, motorcycles, health, fitness, football, all sports, new age business, residual income, inspiring and helping people, great company, and 80’s Glam Rock!

    If you want to get involved with Greg in business, he is currently looking for driven people from all over the world, with any background and any experience, that are looking for a better way and are ready to draw a line in the sand to be successful on a global scale. Also current networkers that are not earning their true worth in the industry.


    If this resonates with you, you seek more from your life and wish to create the lifestyle you had never thought possible, Greg does have the vehicle for you to do so. Contact him for a 15 minute chat and together, you can determine if this model is the right fit for you.


    Dream Big and live your “Lifestyle by Design”




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