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NV Spray on Mist Foundation

The beauty and cosmetics industry is booming. People spend 60 billion dollars every year on cosmetics alone!

Being first to market with revolutionary and scientifically advanced products, like no other, is one of the key elements of a successful and sustainable business and company.

Jeunesse Global, which originally pioneered stem cell technology in skin care products has now added first to market cosmetics to its youth enhancement system, adding a completely new element and market to their range of products available globally.

Jeunesse has added the stem cell technology, specifically titled APT200, into an advanced airbrushing delivery system that provides flawless results.

Check out these two short videos.

If you are a cosmetics user and would like to find out about this quick, easy and very effective air-brushing technology, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss our NV range.

If you are an entrepreneur, situated anywhere in the world, feel free to reach out and discuss the opportunity to pioneer this first to market technology.


Have a look at these amazing testimonials - No Filter and results achieved in 90 seconds.

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