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USA TRIP October 2016

USA TRIP October 2016

My trip started out with a stop in Atlanta to have a look at my investment property and meet with my agents. Very exciting to see that my tenants are really looking after the place as well as arranging some small maintenance repairs and a little paint to restore it’s beauty!

From there, I joined almost 20,000 distributors from around the world who came together to be empowered, excited, motivated and challenged at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida.

This was already going to be an exciting event, but we didn’t anticipate Hurricane Matthew coming along to spoil the fun and push the start of EXPO back to Saturday 8 October. Although I must admit, I didn’t mind too much, as I was sharing a beautiful 18,000 sq ft mansion with colleagues from all around the world for a week, so we bunkered down, shared information and got to know each other over some wonderful food and drinks.

Fitting everything in the Expo to two days instead of three was a challenge, but one that our staff and distributors were up for. Those that attended would agree that it was two days of jam-packed activity.

The launch of M1ND was a highlight of the event, with everyone keen to hear about this new supplement which is designed to support memory and reduce mental distraction. At this stage, M1ND is only available in the US, but you can be assured that all of our markets are working toward launching it over the coming months.

Even more exciting news for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji was the reveal of the location for our incentive trip in 2017 – Prague and Budapest!

I am also very proud of the fact that we raised around $500,000 for Jeunesse Kids during EXPO! This was an awesome effort, thank you to everyone that generously donated.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, we also heard about EXPO 2017 – which will be in not one, but five locations next year!! To accommodate each region in the world.

After the excitement from the Expo, I did some travelling and met with friends and business partners within the USA. Everywhere from Ohio to Chicago, many places within California and in between!

I love travelling, it really is a significant and enjoyable part of my business.

Spending time with like -minded, amazing people from all over the world, many of which have become great friends is one of the best things in life for me. It’s quite rare to be able to combine business with pleasure, in my business I’m very appreciative that I am able to do so!

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