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Don't burn bridges, always consider things as being a part of your journey.

Whether it be in business, a job, a relationship, or even simply a friendship, there are sometimes situations and relationships that reach a point in which it is time to step away. This is most often a very difficult decision that has not come about lightly and has involved much thought and emotion.

I think it is important to consider all factors involved in such a decision, but the core component has to be, yourself. Primarily your state of mind, your mental health and staying true to your morals, values and beliefs, that comprise your integrity.

From a business perspective, it can be a little different dependent upon the situation. It may be monetarily driven, whether your future can now be felt as possible in the environment, if the business continues to meet your standards vs work input, or even whether the integrity and core values of what you are doing, seem to have changed or become blurred.

Around 12 months ago, I was pondering a decision to leave the previous company I had partnered with. There were a few decisions made at a corporate level, which did not sit well with me, and which I personally felt, damaged the integrity and leadership of the company. As an Independent Distributor, this impacted on me directly also, particularly my ability to share information and recruit in my business. It is a common term used in life, that 1% of doubt can kill 99% of belief.

I had worked so hard in the 3 years prior, to learn from those in a position where I wanted to be. Successful entrepreneurs, earning massive 7 figure incomes. I have been incredibly fortunate to have such mentors and my decision was not a reflection on them.

However, my mind was made up. I resigned my position and was focusing on building another traditional business from home and this has been my sole focus, up until around 3 months ago.

Having completed a long, educational and mind opening apprenticeship in Direct Selling, I have since been approached by several companies and leaders, to join them. I have conducted my research and diligence, as any half decent entrepreneur should do, but nothing seemed to really blow me away and tick the boxes I require to be ticked, given what I have learnt and my ideology on what is and will be a successful platform now and in the future.

I am a believer that “good things come to those who wait.” I have now found what I am looking for. A long-term and sustainable business that is first to market, with massive up front and residual earning capacity. Consumable product that is well received, high quality, high retention rate of customers, global capability and an excellent and affordable price point, thus opening up a massive share of the market that are priced out of many direct selling product lines. Add to this that the company is unique and has absolutely no competitors in the Direct Selling space, a corporate team that shares direction and information freely and is rewarding to leaders of all levels, not those who only reach often barely achievable heights and I have found a winner, that DOES tick all of the boxes that I look for in a partner company.

In life, we sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads. Take all that you have been through both good and bad as a lesson, even if it has been a hard slog, toxic relationship or whatever the case may be, remember that there has been many good points also! Move forward, thank those who taught you the lessons, don’t burn bridges and move forward in YOUR life. We only get one of them…

If you would like to know more about what I am doing now and you are looking for more out of life, to generate a further part or full-time stream of income, please contact me via the Contact area.

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