Create true Financial Freedom and Design Your Lifestyle, wherever you are in the world!


    The “new age” of Network Marketing is here and for Greg, it is without doubt the single best business model for creating passive income and allowing an individual that is prepared to work at it, the ultimate lifestyle of freedom.


    There is a formula to choosing the right company and creating success quickly. An integral part of this, is who you decide to partner with in this venture. Greg would like to help you out with that.


    Complete your details in the “Contact” area to connect and Greg will be in touch to show you through his primary business opportunity, why it is the best and most lucrative global business model he has seen and how partnering with him, can help you achieve ultimate success in your own home business.

  • What Adam Rando Says About Greg

    5 years ago I was blessed to meet Greg through our great passion for music. Greg right from the start was extremely impressionable and has a constant magnificent outlook on life which is evident in his love for his family, friends and all that he puts his heart and soul into. You never ever judge a book by its cover as first impressions of this absolute smart minded and entrepreneurial gentleman will prove that this rocker truly has a bright future ahead of him. Proud to be business associates and most of all, dear friends.

    What Kathy Stocks-Hall Says About Greg

    Gregs incredible leadership and commitment to his team has been the just one of the reasons he has one of the fastest growing businesses I’ve seen. He injects not only a high degree of professionalism into everything he does but also a sense of fun and encouragement, inspiring everyone he meets. Truly one of the most original, authentic, genuinely heart centred people I’ve ever met.

    What Adrian Black Says About Greg

    Greg Fawcett...Rocker, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Gentleman. It is rare to see such a unique collection of attributes within one person. I watched Greg’s journey in network marketing from the sidelines for a year before he presented me with an opportunity which started my

    own journey of due diligence before I decided to start my own journey in network marketing with Greg.


    Since I started my own business Greg has been a great coach, motivator and accountability partner allowing me the freedom to think about things differently and a centred ear to help evaluate ideas and initiatives.

    Greg is a unique individual and one I am glad to have as a partner as we build a global business to allow ourselves to reach our goals of living life on our terms.

    What Kay Rabbone Says About Greg

    I have known Greg for the last 5 years, we met through the music industry. From that first gig I could see he was a professional in every sense of the word, the way he carried himself both onstage and off. Since joining him in business almost 12 months ago, his work ethic has grown stronger and his leadership is second to none.


    Having him as a mentor is truly inspiring and I know we will both build successful global businesses together. He is very encouraging and when I need him to, he gives me an extra push to help me achieve my goals. There is nothing Greg won’t do to help his team succeed and I feel so lucky to have such a great mentor.

    A true gentleman, Greg is also a wonderful friend who I am so very blessed to have in my life.

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